The way we learn is changing

Updated: February 26, 2021

Learning be it corporate or educational traditionally takes place in a classroom via an instructor. With changing time some learning
moved to online world through self paced content be it a video or any other document available online.

Both these approaches worked but did not solve the fundamental problem of learning that is retention of knowledge.
Any learning is useful when it can be recalled and applied when needed. Research has shown average human
can retain learning for 30 days or max 60 days.
If learning has to be retained beyond this period then a different approach is required.

It requires repetition or frequent interventions something similar to revisions that we used to do during our
school and college days. How this can be achieved by a corporate? You do a POSH program and 3 months later 80%
of that may get forgotten. That’s not useful. That’s where Qrigos (the gamified quizzes) can help. These are
improvised quizzes that can be assigned to learners from time to time to reinforce learning and re-learning. Quick game quizzes
with 4-5 questions which need be answered in a fun way keep learners engaged.

Please contact us to learn more about Qrigos a unique and fun way to learn!

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