What is Edurigo

Steered by Metaverse, Edurigo is an experiential learning environment that designs and develops structured, personalized, and collaborative channels to have a concrete impact on bridging skill gaps and competencies. We have conjugated interactive game-based technologies to make learning fun with bite-sized approaches to make content absorption effective in small chunks and to increase knowledge retention.

Edurigo builds interactive  learning paths to personalize experiences. It provides highly configurable and user-friendly experiences to enable.



Immersive Metaverse and
Game-based Platform

Not just learning, build Meta-learning!
Create experiential learning with immersive Metaverses. Embark on virtual world learning with an Avatar.

Fabricate 3-dimensional learning paths and games to make learning fun and stimulate engagement. Play individually or compete with others! Team with other players; boost involvement!

Content Authoring and Management

Build & configure your own Metaverse.
Curate and manage the content the way your organization thinks appropriate and desires.

Edurigo provides comprehensive and agile tools to author and build content using storigo, qrigo, rich HTML pages, videos, audios, PDFs, and activity-based assessments.

Micro-learning Nuggets

Weave highly interactive and bite-sized story-lines with our unique tool - Storigo! Thread conversations by mixing interactive flash cards, flip cards and interactive games.

Revenue Enablement Platform

Want to improve productivity across the revenue team, or standardize the best practices, or reduce ramp-up time to grow revenue?

Our smart and unique tools - Sales Play-book and Product Hand-book helps sales-force to propagate quick learning to constantly keep-up the sales teams to the speed with the ever-evolving product knowledge.

360°Analytics and Powerful Graphical Reporting

Drive data-driven decision-making with highly configurable and artificial intelligence empowered analytics.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts who are highly passionate about education. We strongly believe learning and education must be available to all at an affordable cost to create a better future for this world.

With this unanimous goal, we came together and directed our synergies to create this learning platform called Edurigo that we believe has the potential to revolutionize the way the world learns.


Make learning fun, engaging and affordable for all to bring a positive transformation to organizations and individuals to benefit society at large!

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