Is teaching your passion?

You love to share your knowledge? Then we would like to welcome you as a trainer/teacher/tutor on Learning at Edurigo (https://learning.edurigo.com). When you register as a trainer/teacher you get a dedicated space on Edurigo platform where you can create your courses and make them available to your learners.

No monthly fee or no yearly fee. We ask you to share a small portion of your revenue which help us cover the platform and support cost.

We help you market your courses using the various marketing channels that we have established. If your courses are targeted to corporate learning then we also help you showcase them to Edurigo’s corporate clients.

What do you get:
    • Unlimited Courses
    • Unlimited Students
    • Unlimited Coaching Programs
    • Course Author Account
    • Gamified Quizzes (Graded)
    • Basic Question types for quizzes
    • Reports and Analytics
    • Android and iOS Apps
    • Course Completion Certificates
    • Course creation training
    • Course publishing on Learning.Edurigo.com portal
    • Bulk Student Enrollment
    • Activity/ Scenario based questions
    • 20% Transaction Fee

It’s revenue share model. When your course is sold, you share a small percentage with Edurigo towards platform charges. The advantage here is you pay nothing as monthly plan fee and share a small portion of your revenue which helps us cover our platform expenses.

Once your course is ready, you publish it, so others can view and enroll. The place where your course becomes visible to others is catalogue. We publish your courses in a common catalogue hosted at Learning.edurigo.com.

These are premium type of questions that are quite powerful and engaging.