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Edurigo software unites learning, growth, skills, and capabilities into a personalized experience. Drive onboarding, orientation, induction, product training, continuous learning, leadership coaching, sales-enablement, frontline staff training, one-on-one coaching, customer service training, certifications, partner enablement, managerial training, and compliance training with Edurigo.

Quick & simple content authoring tools

Create captivating and interactive training program in minutes — not days

Create the most relevant, impactful, and interactive content. Frame courses, programs, story lines (storigo), quizzes (qrigo), learning paths, etc. briskly with our intuitive and robust authoring tools. Add image illustrations, videos, voice notes, quick questions, rapid qrigo, assignments, storigo - Edurigo handles it all.

Enhance learning with gamification

Game-based learning is a more effective means of learning and boosts motivation levels of individuals as compared to traditional methods. Promote activity-based, scenario-based, continual, conceptual, behavioral, immersive learning.

Add a combination of drag-n-drop, match, scramble, MCQs, true or false, fill the blanks, and many more to create interactive quizzes. Reward individuals with spin-the-wheel, dice, poker wheel to add seasoning over qrigos. Utilize social mechanisms like badges, points, or leaderboards to increase engagement.

Gamification can be beneficial as it can instill long-term skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, social awareness, cooperation and collaboration.


Learning everything at once is too hard and boring to digest. However, a bite-sized learning approach is an expert solution to enhance the way we learn.

Storigo packs a big punch. It is a powerhouse of 5 minutes learning.

It is a store of flash cards, flip cards, quizzes, rewards, and feedback backed up with images, audio, and videos. It is more engaging, less time-consuming, and flexible to produce small learning units of regular e-learning content. Conduct repetitive compliances and role-play learning with Storigo. Boost engagement rate and knowledge retention powered by micro-learning tools with Edurigo.

Analytics & reporting

360° Comprehensive learning analytics

Get 360∘ real time graphical representation of all activities through colorful Edurigo dashboard. Dive deeper and extract specific data of users, courses, programs, quizzes, and storigo to take corrective measures. Track learning potency and employee progress to gain relative insights into their knowledge acquisition. Draw out minute details like competencies and feedback loops to plan future objectives.

Edurigo offers a range of specialized tools, allowing you to create well-organized and effective digital learning.

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