October 12, 2021

Digitization of Educational Content is the only Solution to Solve Education Gap Between Poor Kids and Rich Kids

What do we need to do to fix India’s education problem? Is it even a problem? India has 15 Lakhs schools both Govt and Private put together. We have 24 crore students enrolled in these schools. That’s roughly 19% of our population! Which means a lot of future human resource in development. Of this, 15.6  … Read more


May 25, 2021

Significance of Mobile Learning 

Mobile devices have transformed our lives. Starting from messaging and calling now to ordering our food or booking a taxi, or elevating our communication drastically. The usage of mobile devices is boosting enormously in the world of learning as well. What is m-learning? Mobile learning or m-learning allows users to browse and learn at their  … Read more


April 24, 2021

Has our education system failed us?

Has our education system failed us? Indian families spend 25,000 crore every year on private tuitions!! And this does not include tuition money spent on coaching for entrance exams! 1 out of 4 students seeks help outside school. That means 71 million students are taking private tuitions.


March 25, 2021

Is my degree important?

Learning and education are two different things. One doesn’t need a degree or a certificate to learn. But education meant a degree or a certificate to be called a legitimate education. Education provides a degree but it doesn’t guarantee learning. No wonder people are losing

New way to learn

February 26, 2021

The way we learn is changing

Learning be it corporate or educational traditionally takes place in a classroom via an instructor. With changing time some learning moved to online world through self paced content be it a video or any other document available online. Both these approaches worked but did not solve the fundamental problem of learning that is retention of  … Read more