Significance of mobile learning

Updated: May 25, 2021

Mobile devices have transformed our lives. Starting from messaging and calling now to ordering our food or booking a taxi, or elevating our
communication drastically. The usage of mobile devices is boosting enormously in the world of learning as well.

What is m-learning?

Mobile learning or m-learning allows users to browse and learn at their own pace on their devices as
convenient to them. It empowers their learning, adding value to them. A lot of
organizations are adopting mobile learning to increase knowledge and to engage their employees.

Organizations that were already using e-learning platforms to train their employees are now transitioning
to m-learning for the training and development of their employees. Whether it is professional training,
personal development, or everyday life, modern individuals receive their information through their mobile devices.
Due to the increased importance of mobile phones,
interest is aroused towards implementing m- learning, making it popular in the learning world.

But what is the reason that mobile learning has taken the learning and development industry by storm?
And why is it a great opportunity for every corporate organization?

Let’s dig in.

Learning is Accessible and Flexible

Mobile learning renders accessibility and flexibility to learners. Learners can access the courses anytime
and anywhere, making it possible to learn and train themselves even after or before
office hours at the own comfort level and even from their home. Even while commuting or even during breaks.

One of the major problems with adapting to e-learning was that it had to be taken during office hours,
making the learning a bit difficult because it is a time when employees have various tasks scheduled.
The perfect way to replace that problem lies in the adaption of


Just-In-Time Learning

Technology has made our lives rapid. It has increased our productivity, but it has also transformed our
lives progressively busy, making it possible to complete larger volumes of work and
meeting new tasks and responsibilities. A rapid work life requires a quick learning methodology.

Bing, m-learning!

M-learning is ideal for this speedy life as it provides employees with just-in-time training.
Short learning courses are learning modules that are no longer
than 4-5 minutes can be quickly accessed by the learners to learn or revise the skills while on the job.

Higher Completion Rates

It is high time to sit in front of a screen for long-duration courses. M-learning courses are bite-sized, enabling one to complete courses quickly
and move on to the next. It increases the completion rates as learners are not required to invest a lot of time.

Higher Engagement

Social media platforms engage with short visually appealing information, making us customary to receive knowledge or
information in a brief and more concentrated way. Mobile
learning contents are designed in a visually appealing manner, with engaging interactivities.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is another learner-centric approach. M-learning is popular because it has a
learner-centric approach to learning, offering learners freedom and accessibility. It is
suited for providing learning perfectly customized to the learner’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests.

Edurigo provides users with a microlearning and gamification-based learning experience, along with access to content authoring tools and a cloud-based system.

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