A Progressive Revenue Enablement Platform

In an ever-evolving world, Revenue Enablement is not a one-time activity but a continuous process of excellence.

Our Metaverse Revenue Enablement Platform aids just-in-time learning and creates a full-fledged learning path that brings revenue teams in synchronization and up-to-speed with the products, operations, and delivery rapidly. The advanced micro-learning capabilities and synchronous quizzes help in increasing and monitoring the knowledge and performance.

Smart Sales Play-books on Fingertips

Put the right strategies and resources at the fingertips of the sales team so that they are ready to take the right dec isions at the right time.

Create smart and interactive 'Sales Play-books' and 'Product Play-books' for sales reps using Storigo. Utilize Storigo as a sales guide for the sales team and re-use the sales resources repetitively to manage the same process with just a click of a button

Turn your sales team into a sales powerhouse. Whether a new sales rep joins or a seasoned seller needs to upskill, Edurigo sales-playbook serves all.

Close Deals with Effective Sales Training

The purpose of sales training is to help grow revenue in every sphere which boils down to questions like-

  • Are the sales reps prepared to close deals?
  • Do they have sufficient product knowledge to convey a value proposition?
  • Can they handle objections effectively?

Edurigo provides tools that allow sales managers and sales trainers to create, manage, and deliver sales resources. Focus on continuous improvement by providing full flexibility to distribute sales content, define sales reps profiles, map competencies to different roles, and measure learning.

Onboarding: Ramp-up new revenue team members quickly. Set-up smart learning paths and measure progress

Continuous Knowledge Propagation: Learning never stops. Propagate knowledge in real time as the product and processes evolves

Manager-led One-on-One Coaching: Set-up customized coaching sessions with revenue team members

Sales Kickoff: Make sales kickoff an experiential and fun education event

Partner Enablement: The partners are the company's extended team. Keep them up-to-date with the evolving product knowledge

Data-driven Strategies: Account planning strategy based on real-world evidence

Sales Certification: Design and develop the ‘Certification Program'

Customer Insights: Create learning using customer interactions

Kick-off to Build-up Revenue

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